Eurogame: a virtual economic system
Thursday 16 Jul 2020 16:03   Now playing round 318
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English version: Catia Galli and Valery Authers

Economic Bulletin after round  317

CodeIndustriesDemandSupply PriceVariation on the previous year
S01 Agriculture2951971,117.3043.2%
S02 Energy4,3634,020551.257.8%
S03 Metal ore minerals2,1305,780168.63-62.5%
S04 Non metal minerals171168823.141.8%
S05 Chemicals1,3481,163811.8220.6%
S06 Machine Industry4215927,230.2876.0%
S07 Means of transport's man.166244,112.1464.0%
S08 Food1701164,148.3534.8%
S09 Clothing3521682,907.8162.7%
S10 Wood and Furniture6075281,400.3413.0%
S11 Building and Plant82171,288,825.8395.2%
S12 Trade3,5262,9502,664.7619.6%
S13 Transport services88854,440.533.7%
S14 Credit457442606.253.4%
S15 Hygiene and Cleaning383713,027.423.4%
S16 Not saleable services1202,5771,000.000.0%

Eurogame Statistics Indices Variation on the previous yearLabour cost
Consumption expenses-64.5% Workmen52,877
Investments 817.1% Clerks120,000
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)6.3%Managers178,750
GDP deflator-24.5%  
Employment1.1% Labour force employed360

Price of 1 capital unit (valuable for the investments of round 318)1,050,255.559
Long term borrowing rate 5.00%
Increase for risk upon the part of the loan exceeding the amount of the owner's capital2.50%