Eurogame: a virtual economic system
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English version: Catia Galli and Valery Authers

Economic features

  1. 16 interdependent industries (Current scenery).
  2. No limits to the number of the firms on business at the same time.
  3. Supply of a firm coming from a convenient productive combination set up by the player-entrepreneur among 4 factors: units of capital (multi-purpose machinery), workmen, clerks and managers:
    • You may employ, dismiss and promote your own virtual workers,
    • You may invest into plant and equipment (or disinvest from it),
      • You may check the correctness of your calculation about the investments you made along the game,
      • You may check if you are able to use the FIFO (First In First Out) method correctly (recommended to teachers for their students). (C13)
  4. You may change business industry if you want, but this is rather expensive, remember. (Guide to the game)
  5. Aggregate demand is composed of
    • purchases of intermediate goods and services grouped by industry, directly calculated from the output levels of active firms in the game (you need not to do anything with these),
    • purchases made by the households, on the basis of the given propensity to consume applied to the previous GDP; the variation on the previous period is always available,
    • investments resulting from the decisions of the players/entrepreneurs; the variation on the previous period is always available). (Current scenery)
  6. You may get into debt up to twice your own capital (be careful because if you loose your capital you will be excluded from the game.
  7. Price is obtained by comparison between demand and offer starting from the previous price.
  8. The wage of each class of workers is obtained in a similar way, by comparing the initial offer with the demand coming from acting firms, starting from the base-wages.
  9. Price of a unit of capital equals the average weighted value of the prices in those industries that are more relevant for capital goods production. (Current scenery)
  10. GNP is accounted either at current prices or at prices of the previous round, with the deflator illustrated through a web page of particular didactic interest.
  11. Employment and its variation on the previous period are always available.
  12. All economic data of common interest are regularly shown in a web page after each round (you may acceed easily to the older data). (Current scenery)
  13. A permanent of the business Groups which played 1 round at least is always on line.

Technical features

All web pages are written in PHP which connect to a PostgreSQL database composed by nearly 50 tables to manage Eurogame. That allowed either to present the game in 4 different languages contemporarily or to offer a high interactivity and a strong control over information flows.:
  1. On line monitoring of registration with exclusive attribution of a username and password both chosen by the player-entrepreneur himself so as to guarantee, afterwards, a right identification (debiting him with his advices costs, allowing him to view his own balance-sheets only and making his own choices of game).
  2. The new enrolled is admitted to the game at once. An e-mail message is sent automatically to the given address with a confirmation of the registration.
  3. you can view the internal options of the web page To play . The available options are:
    • asking for the advices you chose with immediate view of the requested information,
    • viewing the balance sheets and further data about your firms,
    • (only when the game is on) making your choices of game (among which opening up to 2 new business),
    • modifying your choices before confirming them or substituting a new choice for the older one (we consider the latest one only),
    • pre-viewing the resulting corrections about your data input, should your choices of game be not consistent with the situation of your firm at the beginning of the round (not for the whole group).
  4. While the game is suspended (nearly for one hour a week) we make the following steps:
    • we elaborate the choices sent within the shown term so as to determine all the values indicated in the economic features above (in order to guarantee the necessary interactivity with the other players-entrepreneurs,
    • we check if the choices concerning each group are consistent with its situation at the beginning of the round and rectify them if necessary, according to the 2 latest rules of Particular cases .
  5. You may view the older sceneries and the older results lists whenever you like.