Eurogame: a virtual economic system
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Game rules
English version: Catia Galli and Valery Authers
  1. Taking part into the game is free at all.
  2. The game develops over rounds, each representing one trading year.
  3. To participate in the game you must send the completed enrollment form to the coordinator, (see page To join). There is no closing date for enrollment.
  4. Any people just enrolled is admitted immediately into the game and will receive an authorisation message to the e_mail address indicated by him.
  5. Each player will be assigned 19.1 millions € as start-up capital. The player can decide freely to invest it wholly or partly in one or more businesses (max. 3). It is highly recommended to ask for appropriate advice so as to avoid that possible mistakes may affect the in a more costly way.
  6. Each player will be registered under a Group which can expand in the future.
    After every round there will be a of the groups on the base of the overall percentage growth. This will be measured by giving the difference of the owner's final capital, plus profit or minus loss, and the capital at the beginning, not taking into account when the enterprise began. In this way, if someone prefers to wait for the events, starting only one business, he risks falling behind.
  7. To take part in the game you must consult the Home page where you are required to give the name of the Group and the password you choose when you asked for enrollment. It is important to note both. The password is in code and unknown even to the coordinator of the game.
  8. The enterprises must be financed by the owner's available capital or by credit.
    Should you forget how much equity you are entitled to invest, you could ask for a specific advice (C10) .
  9. The initial statement of the enterprises can be downloaded on one's PC from page To play.
    The scenery in which you work can be freely obtained from page Current scenery.
  10. Before effecting the choices about what, how, how much to produce, each player may ask for advice as much as necessary (see Guide to the game).
    Its cost will be registered after the closing of the round.
  11. Each group must send the choice of the game within the date and time shown on the page, using the relative submission mask.
    A timer will prevent from playing after that time.
    Even if you do not send any choices at all, you are not excluded from the game. That will mean you've stopped producing for that round-year only. When you restart your business, please treat all your work force as new-employees.
  12. You can resend your choices in order to correct them as long as you like. Only the latest choice sent will be considered the correct one.
  13. Any player incurring losses as to cancel his/her own Group's equity (either invested or not) will be left out of the game for crash since the very moment he/she has got acquaintance of it by means of the balance sheets.
    A shrewed usage of financing can prevent this danger.
  14. It is not possible to enter S16 sector because it is occupied by Public Administration.

Particular cases

Work force of the Group
The 5 workmen and the 2 clerks are to be treated as new employees and they should be indicated in one or more submission mask to make a game choice.
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