Eurogame: a virtual economic system
Thursday 16 Jul 2020 16:29   Now playing round 318
Next round begins at  Sun 28 Dec 2014 14:00 CET
English version: Catia Galli and Valery Authers
  1. First you must calculate the productive power of your firm:
    you should avail yourself of the MS Excel sheet pre-compiled and enter in columns H to P of the sheet the formulas suggested in Enclosure 3 .
  2. At each round enter =B4 in column I ONLY at the row corresponding to the current round.
    This way you keep yourself free to change the level of your investments as you like.
    At the bottom of column M you will get the total of the units of capital as they are acquired, while you can see, at the bottom of column O, the total of the units of capital corresponding to the productivity loss due to the output process.
    In cell B22 enter a reference to the cell in column M hosting the difference between the two sums.
  3. Now enter the required data in the yellow cells (if you don't know yet, get them by asking advices C3, C4, C5, C6 ).
    Cell B21 will show you the quantity you can obtain with the accomplished investments. You will be able therefore to make up your mind about the personnel.
  4. As to discovering the likely revenues you must enter the price you forecast for the current round in cell G7.
  5. The cost of intermediate goods and services (cell B26) depends on the output of your firm (according to fixed coefficients) and on the prices resulting in each industry.
    As to discovering the coefficients you can avail yourself of advice C8 .
    Multiply the coefficients by the output of your firm and by the market prices. The outcome is approximate because of the real prices not yet calculated, but it's better than nothing.
  6. As to discovering the cost depending on the depreciation process you should enter in cell B30 the sum of the depreciation quotas concerning the current round included in column P.