Eurogame: a virtual economic system
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Frequently asked questions
English version: Catia Galli and Valery Authers
1 Q. When I try to download the Excel spreadsheet from the budget.php page, MS Internet Explorer opens the document using Word (or Excel, depending on the settings).
A. This depends on the changes to the settings for Internet Explorer that you, or a previous user, have made. If you wish to work offline on your budget spreadsheet, you should click on the right-hand mouse button when the arrow is on the link icon, select Save link as.... from the menu, and then choose where you want to save the file 'budget.xls'.
2 Q. Why doesn't the investment capital that I still have at my disposal appear anywhere in my firm's balance sheets?
A. The 19.1 million € of initial investment capital is assigned to the player/entrepreneur, not to his or her firms. Profits are supposed to be distributed to the player, whose investment capital has increased by the amount (see C10).
The opposite happens if a firm records a loss.
All financial settlements take place at the same time at the end of a round.
3 Q. How can I disinvest from a firm that is making a loss in a sector, take back the equity and re-invest it in another sector?
A. The capital a player invests in a round, and does not completely re-invest in the next round, goes back automatically to the player's investment capital.
If you invested 18,000,000 € in Agriculture and now you want to put it into, let us say, the Credit sector, you only need to select the new sector in the 'Choice of Game' page. Remember, however, that a disinvestment always means that you suffer considerable losses .
4 Q. Why is my score and my position not updated? The positions of the players are always the same and, in the last 6 rounds, so are the scores.
A. PHP pages are dynamic server-side pages, i.e. it is the server that decides what to output when it receives a page request. If you want to make it update, you should set your browser preferences accordingly, so as to avoid it comparing the page to download with the one in the cache memory. You can obtain the same result by clicking on the reload button while you keep the Shift key held down.
5 Q. We registered with Eurogame and we tried to enter the game at once, but we received this message: No authorised access. The group has not been enrolled. What should we do?
A. This means something in your group name or in your password does not match exactly with what you wrote when you registered. Please remember that letters in upper case are considered different from those in lower case.
The coordinator does not know your password. If you continue to have difficulty, you should reregister.
6 Q. The coefficients obtained with consultations C3 to C6, C8 and C9, are they constant or variable?
A. The coefficients C3, C8 and C9 are constant, while C4, C5 and C6 vary each round to take iinto account a minimum increase in workforce productivity.
7 Q. Does the item Consumption Expenses in the Economic Bulletin refer to the goods and services bought by firms in order to reach their output targets?
A. No, it doesn't. It refers to final (not intermediate) consumption expenses; in Eurogame, these expenses are made by all the households that have a salary or business income.
8 Q. Is the GDP for a round measured by adding the products of a price multiplied by the corresponding quantity supplied by each sector?
A. Not exactly, because it would contain many value duplication errors. This is why GDP is measured applying the value added method. You can see more about this if you click on GDP deflator .
9 Q. I could not take part in a round. When I played in the next round, my firm was charged for depreciation for the round in which I didn't take part. Why?
A. Once realised, investments in capital equipment units unavoidably trigger off a bookkeeping depreciation process and another parallel process, for a physical loss of productivity, which is calculated one round later.
The corresponding costs are obviously debited as soon as possible.
10 Q. I have not taken part in Eurogame for several rounds. May I re-enter the game without incurring very high costs for depreciation?
A. If the depreciation rate is 8%, the durable equipment value reaches zero after 13 rounds. If you wish to re-enter the game some time later, you should take that into account and transform as much of your durable equipment as possible into available investment capital before you leave (see advise C10). This way when you re-enter, the total depreciation cost will be less heavy.
11 Q. I did not take part in Eurogame for a round. When I played in the next round, the Eurogame system treated all my workforce as newly employed. Why?
A. A round lasts one week but it represents virtually one year's business results. There were two alternatives:
  • to consider the employees to be on wages for the entire period of inactivity and to recover their cost when business activity begins again.
  • to consider them dismissed because the business has closed down and recruit them back when the business starts again.
We chose the second solution because it was easier. These are only virtual employees. However, please remember, when recruited, they are all treated as new employees. So they will spend a round, which represents a period of one year, in the firm for training and they will be less productive.